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Hidden Blessings

Here we are cleaning the house the day after Christmas along with taking down the tree and ornaments for another year.  Many of us spend time reflecting on the Christmas season and fun we enjoyed with family and friends.

How many of us gave thought of the true meaning of Christmas this year?  Did you count your blessings?  Too often we respond to situations where a person is having difficulty in seeing their value or meaning in life.  Often times that person has only failed to recognize their true blessings due to specific situations taking place in their life at that time, such as financial difficulty, divorce, loss of a loved one, or employment status.  Unfortunately it is too easy to focus on the negative instead of the positive.  Some do not understand the Almighty above has bigger plans for them, plans which may not happen the next day but many days down the road.

Take for example the situation I was in on October 28 in having a serious heart attack.  My family and many friends were at the hospital and spent time comforting each other and praying.  These people did not give up or lose faith.  No one will ever convince me the power of prayer does not work.  I am here today and getting stronger each day. 

The doctors explained to me that many people go through depression after having a heart attack.  Fortunately I have not felt any depression and each day I have counted my blessings and thank the good Lord for extending my life with my family and friends.  Daily I have set goals to achieve and have worked hard to accomplish each one.

In the hospital I was amazed at the number of nurses who asked if they could pray with me.  The job these men and women do at Saint Luke’s is outstanding.  The volume of patients they help and the many extremely difficult situations they experience is something which could easily cause personal difficulties; yet I was able to recognize and experience some positive traits these fine people have.  These people often see death and the grieving of family and loved ones.  As difficult as that is those people looked for the opportunity to comfort others and help many patients during the healing process.  In short, they continue doing God’s work and search for the signs of how to help others.  Regardless of the situation I believe all of us can learn a lesson from this and look for the signs given us on what direction to go and how, when, and where to also help another person. 

Something which we often overlook is the thought of loved ones remaining at the hospital with their family member who is the patient.  The staff at Saint Luke’s was wonderful with my wife during my 3 week stay.  The nurses, staff, and doctors were more than comforting and accommodating for Beth and also focused on keeping her informed of every step in the healing process and treatments.  This made our experience much easier to handle and remain positive.

Please take a little time and discuss with your family and friends the blessings each of you are thankful for.  Look for the signs give us of how to help others.  Feel the personal enjoyment of giving a compliment to a friend, coworker, family member, or even a stranger for something positive you see as that person may not have noticed without your leadership.

I/we want to thank all the health care workers and EMS staff for the difficult job they do.  It is not just a job they do but more of a calling.  I believe in Guardian Angels and many of these people are living proof.

From all of us at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office we wish you and yours a Safe, Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year.




Sheriff Steve Cox


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